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Reel steel slot demo

The reel steel slot demo, or reel steal slot demo, you can find it here. We have checked which casino offer the reel steel slot demo. Try it in the casino below.

Reel steal slot machine front image
Front image of the game

What is the reel steel slot demo game

Reel steal slot machine is a Gangster inspired game with 5 reels, 9 lines video slot. The wild symbol has a 5x multiplier on all wins and an additional 5x multiplier in free spins with a maximum single free spin win of €187,500.

The game reel steel slot demo, or not, also offer scatter winning, wild substitution and some free spins. Here at luxury casino online, we offer you the chance to play at the reel steel slot demo, but also you can play for real money.

Reel steel slot demo Rtp

The slot machine reel steal game rtp, where rtp stand for net return percentage.

Reel steal slot machine volatility

The volatility of the real steel slot demo is high, which mean that people have high risk for players, for sure you can loose money easily in all slot, but when the volatility is high the chance you’ll be loosing is higher. Normally high volatility also equal a high jackpot. So many people loose for one to win a big jackpot.

Slot machine, game details

  • Reel steal slot release year : 2011.
  • Available on desktop and mobile.
  • Crime and robbery themed slot machine.

The game put the player in the world of jewel robbery and crimes, fun game that can make the player win big with the bonus and scatter, or loose with is high volatility.

Reel steel slot demo
Reel steal slot machine game

Reel steal slot demo game story details.

Behind Reel Steal are the adventures of several bandits who commit a bank robbery. There are several typical action movie characters: a man with a gun, a policeman, a woman dressed as a hippie, a man in a suit and tie smoking a cigar (the leader of the bandits), and a character in a black hat who looks like a robber. In the symbols of the slot, there is also a yellow sports car, red dynamites, a briefcase containing a large diamond, a safe filled with gold bars, bags of green money, a gun with a passport and keys and finally a camera.

The game is enhanced by a well known music inspired by the movie Shaft. You can hear the sound of gunfire as the reels spin and other sounds as the winning combinations appear.